Watch Zeus the Robot Dog Inspects SpaceX Rocket: Did He Sniff Any Trouble?

Watch Zeus the Robot Dog Inspects SpaceX Rocket: Did He Sniff Any Trouble?

Animatronic dogs take the lead in the space of the SpaceX launch. The American robotics company Boston Dynamics is currently partnering with SpaceX to test the performance of the latter. The first gave the aerospace company an animatronic dog. This robot dog has been seen exploring and exploring one of SpaceX’s experimental locations.

According to Mail Online, a video has been posted on Youtube about the matter. The title of the Youtube video is “SpaceX’s Zeus Sniffing SN7 After Test to Failure.” The location of the video was in Texas, USA in the Boca Chica community.

In the article, it can be noted that SpaceX was conducting experiments on its SN7 prototype. A case involving cryogenic pressure was held in SpaceX experiments. The white smoke known as liquid nitrogen was all around the SpaceX prototype.

SpaceX Starship SN7

The SpaceX Starship SN7 was created to bring astronauts to Earth Moon and Earth’s red companion Mars. Tests running like this are available to ensure that SN7 will work properly in the end. SpaceX will be working with Boston Dynamics for now until SN7 is considered ready for launch in space.

The mechanical dog Boston Dynamics that gave SpaceX is called “Spot.” Spot has been monitoring the SpaceX test, moving around to check if anything went wrong during the test.

During a test conducted by Boston Dynamics, Spot did a good job of testing SpaceX astronauts Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, built a dog house for himself while he was at the aerospace company headquarters.

Elon Musk’s Zeus

Musk also liked the robot dog he named Zeus, despite the fact that his real name was Spot among Boston Dynamics staff. The mechanical dog now called “Zeus” has been continuously developed by Boston Dynamics for many years now.

This partnership with the American aerospace firm demonstrates the readiness of robotic dogs that assist and facilitate the space exploration activities of NASA, the ISS, and other space-related companies. The robot company has created this animatronic dog for many purposes and has added many intelligent features to it.

Sensors and cameras installed on Zeus to help it detect its location. On top of all that, a mechanical dog can even climb stairs and open the door for people.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology that is integrated into internal systems and robotic dog software, it is capable of performing many tasks that people will simply have a hard time completing. An animatronic dog from Boston Dynamics can cost up to $ 75,000 each.

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