Use Instagram Guides in Your Marketing

Use Instagram Guides in Your Marketing

When Instagram launched in 2010 with its watch-focused platform, it disrupted the social media platform. So great was its success that it stirred up a whole movement in the making of iconic style.

It’s going on for ten years and Instagram is finally getting into a long form content game.

Instagram has introduced the Guidelines as a way to “easily get recommendations, tips, and other content from your favorite creators, celebrities, organizations, and publishers on Instagram.”

A moving list provides text and visuals that come together in a list. You can use new, saved, or old posts to deliver how-tos to almost any topic.

Another opportunity to put your brand first as a topic expert and promoter on the Instagram space by engaging its users with the most in-depth content directly on the platform.

What are Instagram Guides?

Instagram Guides is a series of follow-up Instagram posts designed to share useful information with your audience. Each guide post connects to a standard Instagram post or product page where users can complete a purchase.

It starts with a cover photo that combines a title and a brief description.

Now that Instagram has expanded its guidelines, there are all kinds of content that is likely to promote your product. Home improvement products can create guidelines for repairs and renovations. Cosmetic products can have step-by-step guidelines for a different makeup look, and recipes can include recipes in their guides.

The possibilities are endless.

How to Create an Instagram Guide

To create a guide, click the small compilation icon as you would with a regular post, video, or live content. In the drop-down menu, select Guidelines.

From here, you will be able to choose between three types of content:

Places: Places ready for location-based tips. If you are a travel or local promoter, Places is where you will create restaurant recommendations, tour guides, or a selected list of hidden treasures along the way.

Posts: Use this option to rate saved or previous posts you would like to recommend. This option allows you to create new content by merging old posts into the same topic.

Products: Product Guidelines link directly to the Instagram Shop, and you can only select products that users can find there.

Once you have selected the format for your content, post your photos, posts, and links. Remember this is Instagram, so photos and content should be embedded in the phone.

How to Use Instagram Guides for Marketing

With Instagram guidelines, brands can create long content for the first time on Instagram. There are many good reasons for you to do that.

Save Users on Your Page

Long forms, scrutiny guidelines keep users in your content longer, allowing them to know your brand and products. They would not have to click on another site to get more information, as they would do with a standard Instagram post.

Toggle Keyword Search Power

Because Instagram now provides long-distance content, it has also updated its search functionality. Users can search for content by keyword, which will appear on Instagram Guides. That means content recovery has become much easier on Instagram. Users no longer need to know your product name or search with a hashtag.

Extend Your Access

Now that users can find you using keywords, you can create guidelines that guide your new product audience. The guidelines also help you to put your brand first as a topic expert in your stand. By creating short-term content, you can focus on the solutions people are looking for, even outside of your intended audience.

Build Brand Loyalty

This feature is another opportunity to build trust with useful, reliable content. Tips, tricks, step-by-step instructions, and any content that may be helpful to your target audience will keep them coming back for more.

You can foster greater loyalty by providing initial crack content, product deals through your own guidelines or by announcing new guidelines in the journal.

Increase Conversion

Product guides allow users to make direct purchases on Instagram, shortening the buyer’s journey. Users can see product descriptions and prices, as well as many products from your store.

Create shared content

Guides are shared on news and direct messages. If your audience likes your guidelines, they can spread the word.

Share and Share

Just as you can share articles on LinkedIn, sharing directions from other users on Instagram shows your expertise in your vertical position, and makes it easier for your directions to be viewed and shared.

Expand Relationships With Facilitators

The guidelines provide you with another format for evaluating co-operative partnerships. Work with promoters in your space to create guidelines that cover your products or services.


Instagram Guides is another great tool for product marketing tools for following build and increasing conversions.

The new long form format allows advertisers to deliver important content to their target audience while reaching new audiences simultaneously.

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