The Difference Between a Gaming Laptop and a Gaming PC

The Difference Between a Gaming Laptop and a Gaming PC

Games become fast becoming the first source of entertainment in the world, and it is very easy to see why. Seeing it as a repetition is a new way of eating content, the video game will give you hours of interactive content, amazing visuals, and a compelling main story.

If you are planning to learn how to build a gaming PC or want to find a good portable computer for playing, we recommend that before doing any of these, you should ask yourself what is the key difference between desktop gaming and portable systems.

The question of what is different between desktop and laptops is good, and it is understandable to see why there is so much mystery surrounding this topic. On paper, they both use the same hardware that works on the same operating system. That being said, in practice, things are much different than you might think.

Computer Hardware

The hardware used for desktops and laptops is very different. Desktop-grade hardware tends to be fuller, requires more power, and has more stable clocks, higher turbo clocks, and generally performs better than their mobile counterparts.

The thing about reducing hardware to the size of a laptop is that while it may not be as powerful, it will save a lot of energy. However, the limited design of a portable computer case also points to lower cooling, something that will create more frequent heat, the formation of more dust, and will shorten the life of the components.

If you are a PC enthusiast, you will also find that repairing a laptop is very difficult. You need a whole box of screwdrivers, schematics and screws to know how to unlock a discarded item. The main advantage laptops have over desktop computers is the extra mobility.

There are several high-end laptops that use desktop-grade hardware, but, as you can imagine, they are much larger. Although they are still portable, they are heavier and take up more space.


The big selling point of sports laptops is, apparently, the fact that they are portable.

Go to LAN parties, competitive events, or just hold a few hours of play while on the road easily, as you do not need to mount a large tower, monitor and cables near you.

Although not as powerful as desktops, gaming laptops have the most powerful hardware. You can basically play any game with high resolution and high levels of upgrades if you have a high model. The only thing that limits you to screen size and temperature. You may want to invest in a quality cooling pad with a full-size display if you want to feel like a desktop if you are in your permanent residence.


The Third point goes to desktop machines. We are talking about improvement. To do just that, you can upgrade your laptop in a few ways, but with a desktop program, you can upgrade anything.

If you are the owner of a portable computer, you will be lucky if you are able to upgrade your RAM and storage. The CPU and GPU are usually sold on the motherboard, so if your system starts to slow down, you should buy a new laptop. Even if they are not sold on the motherboard, consider that you should get a GPU that will fit the specific structure of your laptop.

On the desktop, if you have a motherboard that supports current hardware, you can upgrade each component until you move a straight toys. Therefore, if preventing aging is important to you, it is usually recommended that you go with a desktop computer.


Laptops are more expensive than desktops. You can’t build a portable computer, so prices are a bit high because each manufacturer uses its own designs. In comparison to apples and apples, a desktop with computer hardware such as a laptop will be more expensive, as the components are non-standard, easy to make, and have high stock.

That being said, you can’t really set the price easily. Even a small one, the ITX design will be hard to carry with a monitor, keyboard, speakers, so laptops bring a huge amount of value to someone who wants to access his or her games while on the go.

The Last Thought

If you are still in the loop about gaming laptops and PCs, then here’s the thing: if you don’t go too far, then the desktop computer is cheaper and more powerful. If you are traveling and want to have your own game libraries with you, then a portable computer is the best way to travel. Sure, there are game streaming services, but a portable computer will always provide reliable results, and streaming games with something like a hotel WiFi is a disaster disaster.

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