NASA Will Test Alexa Voice Control Aboard The Artemis I Mission

NASA Will Test Alexa Voice Control Aboard The Artemis I Mission

Alexa will be the first voice assistant available across Earth. Amazon and Lockheed Martin have revealed that NASA will carry Alexa into the space of the Artemis I charge launched latterly in 2022. Although the aircraft is not yet operational, companies are organizing a “staff experience” at Johnson Space’s NASA facility that will allow people to take control of the missions (including students and special guests) simulating conversations between the digital assistant and the astronaut.

This is determined to be more complex than Alexa in your Echo speaker. Alexa will access Orion spacecraft telemetry data, answer “thousands” of job-related questions and control devices such as cabinet lighting. Amazon has fined its algorithms to consider Orion’s acoustics. Communication in space should not be a problem, either. Callisto technology payload owned by Alexa will allow both local voice control (even if there is no internet access) and access to the Deep Space Network to deliver news from home.

The action is not just about bragging rights or making the Star Trek style computer come alive. Amazon will use the assignments learned from Artemis I to develop Alexa for both unborn bias and everyday druggies, especially those with little internet connection. The company also added a new Alexa experience that will give you access to Artemis I telemetry, photos, video (including live streaming presentations) and notifications of important machine steps.

Amazon hopes to promote the next wave of local testers in this process. Introduces the Alexa Space program which provides access to virtual staff experience, the Johnson Space Center digital tour and the STEM curriculum developed with the help of the National Science Teaching Association and Mobile CSP. This move helps Amazon to burn its reputation, yes, but it can be useful if it encourages more students to pursue a career in the space industry.

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